08 May 2010

Pics from CP 25 and 50 Miler

Henshaw finishing in CR style!

Andy and I - All smiles after a fun day in the BV hills!

Megan finishing strong in the 25- Another solid "training race" as she prepares for Mt. Rainier!

Megan and Ed Turner- Bright eyed and bushy tailed in the CO sunshine- did they really just run 25?

Bryan Goding and Marco Peinado- their finish times suggest they ran that close to each other all day!

Marco Peinado- 5th place, 7:35:32...and he didn't eat anything the last 25 miles!

Mr. Consistency himself- Bryan Goding-6th place, 7:38:02, charging home!

2009 Leadville Leadman Corey Hanson floats to another stout finish

Tim Hoppin- improving with each race he runs. Tim hit the jackpot and won a raffle entry into Western States! He will be joining a strong Colorado contingent of contenders at the Big Dance! I will be rooting for Krupicka, Clark, Henshaw, Hoppin, and all the other Colorado runners who toe the line at the "Boston of Ultras"

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