13 September 2010

Rockin' Da 'Boat!!!

The Run Rabbit Run Steamboat 50 is this Saturday! It should be a good one- I'll give it what I got. The knee is at 85% and holding-good enough to race on. I'm testing out the Burch 3 week training plan on this one. The 5 weeks after GM were 4,18,0,19, and 31 miles...just trying to run somewhat pain free. The last two have been 68 and 82 leaving this week to add a few miles before the race.

Last weekend I able to check off Kit Carson and Challenger Pt #'s 44-45 on my 14ers list with the Professor (Scott Drum). It was a solid 14 mile 5 hr outing with over 6000 ft of climbing in the first 8 miles. The last two miles to the summit were at a 27% grade! Needless to say it was a run/hike workout consisting of 10 miles running and 4 hiking/scrambling to the summits. Another beautiful day in the CO Mtns.

This past weekend I was able to get in a 15 and 17 miler on different routes up Signal Peak bringing my total to 82 for the year...18 minimum to go! The 17 miler was the longest run since GM 100.

What does all this mean? And I'm optimistic :)

* I will not be overtrained come race day
* I will be pulling out the Experience and Defending Champ from my deck of cards
* After seeing Scott Jaime's blog a few weeks ago I decided to grow out the beard- 6.5 weeks growth should equal at least 13 minutes faster than last year.
* I'm predicting Roes for the W at 6:57!
* It will be a battle for the remaining auto entry into States! ...I really hope the knee lets me run free...!

Finally, look out for the Professor as he makes his 50 mile debut at 40 years young. He should be in the mix with Fanselow and Belshaw for the Masters Title!
It will be fun

PS Finally, Remember Jenna Gruben-Morrill this day as she was the Heart and Soul of RRR coordinating volunteers and so much more! Take a moment to reflect before your runs/races on Saturday to send out some positive energy to Jenna, those close to her, and the people that are close to your life. See you in da Boat!


  1. Good luck and run fast Ryan!

    I think there are two spots up for grabs at states - the rules changed and the entry rolls down if someone is already qualified. So assuming Geoff wins 2nd and 3rd will get the slots. Go get one!

  2. Yeah, if Geoff goes 1 (or 2) there will still be 2 bids out there. Glad to hear you're feeling better, enjoy that suite. I'll see ya Friday.

  3. Good luck Ryan, that's great to hear that the knee seems to be coming around and you'll get to race. I'm going to give Roes a 6:56, although apparently he's not finding his rhythm lately, so maybe a 6:58 would be a safer bet if I wanted to out guess you.

    Steamboat will be my first 50...I'm really looking forward to it....see you out there!

  4. I think Roes will go 6:30.

  5. Good luck, Ryan. Love your optimism and your "training plan/taper". You'll still kick butt.

  6. Thanks for all the positive energy for this weekend! It wouldn't surprise me a bit if Geoff went 6:30...or faster for that matter!

    Aaron- good luck in your 50M debut! For me, they got "easier" after the first one. Enjoy it all!

  7. Good luck Ryan and our love to you. You shine and bring such a positive light to trail running and those in the running community.

    Our thoughts go to all in Steamboat.

    Grandma Berry says, " Run, Ryan, Run!

    Mom and Dad are singing ," You do run, run, run, you do run, run!