01 January 2011

2006-2010 Years in Review and New Years Day 5K

2010 was a solid year of running and racing. It turned out to be my biggest year in regards to volume despite two injuries. This was the 5th year that I’ve tracked running data for myself. Below you will find the numbers that I’ve continued to build upon since I started ultrarunning in 2006. The numbers are relatively low compared to many of my competitive friends and peers. My prior “competitive” running background consisted of 8th grade cross country. I picked up the sport again in 2002 and ran the Bolder Boulder. From 2002-2005 I slowly began to run more and completed my first marathon in May of 2005. Going into my first ultra in 2006 (Fruita 50M) I had 3 marathons under my belt and the simple desire to run further than I ever had. I finished that day a broken man and never thought I’d do another ultra...
Mine is a story of continued improvement fueled by the simple love of running and the challenge to accomplish goals I would have never imagined 10 years ago. Perseverance, hardwork, desire, belief, and running friends have been vital to my progression over the years. As you can see I ran more each year as running became my dominant mode of activity. The early years were supplemented with ultimate frisbee, weight lifting, hiking, road biking, climbing, and mountaineering. As the love for running grew these activities began to receive less time. As a jack of all trades I came to the realization that my next challenge was to simply focus on one activity and see how much I could improve. Here’s how it has panned out thus far:

2006: 1148 miles, 3.1 mi/day, 22 mi/wk, 200:50 hrs/min, 8 races, 254 race miles,
0 wins, 2 podiums

2007: 1458 miles, 4 mi/day, 28 mi/wk, 248:33 hrs/min, 9 races, 392 race miles,
150 days of running, 41% of days, 0 wins, 2 podiums

2008: 2064 miles, 5.6 mi/day, 39 mi/wk, 316:09 hrs/min, 12 races, 515 race miles,
206 days of running, 56% of days, 2 wins, 5 podiums

2009: 2424 miles, 6.6 mi/day, 46 mi/wk, 371:46 hrs/min, 12 races, 478 race miles,
218 days of running, 60% of days, 4 wins, 7 podiums

2010: 3349 miles, 9.1 mi/day, 64 mi/wk, 528:54 hrs/min, 12 races, 540 race miles,
274 days of running, 75% of days, 4 wins, 9 podiums

Summits of 2010: Signal Peak- 123, 14ers- Uncompahgre, Handies, Belford, Oxford,
Wetterhorn, San Luis, Kit Carson, Challenger Point, Humboldt,
Random- Carfield (11,xxx near CB)

Signal Peak Club of 2010: Callahan- 136, Burch- 123, Parr- 104, Drum- 27, Total: 390

Mileage by month/quarter:

January- 86.8 miles, 2.8 miles/day

February- 264 miles, 9.4 miles/day

March- 345.5 miles, 11.1 miles/day

1st Quarter- 696.3 miles, 29 days off

April- 335.3 miles, 11.1 miles/day

May- 372.8 miles, 12 miles/day

June- 372.7 miles, 12.4 miles/day

2nd Quarter- 1080.8 miles, 14 days off

July- 317.6 miles, 10.2 miles/day

August- 103.6 miles, 3.3 miles/day

September- 307.9 miles, 10.2 miles/day

3rd Quarter- 729.1 miles, 33 days off

October- 344 miles, 11.1 miles/day

November- 229.5 miles, 7.6 miles/day

December- 269.6 miles, 8.7 miles/day

4th Quarter- 843.1 miles, 15 days off

Miles per week frequency:

0-9: 4 10-19: 2 20-29: 1 30-39: 5 40-49: 3 50-59: 3 60-69: 8

70-79: 9 80-89: 8 90-99: 6 100-109: 0 110-119: 1 120-129: 2

Goals and Resolutions for 2011:

Running- 3650 miles, 300 days of running, 2 400 mile months

Fitness- 300 pushups/wk, 600 crunches/core/wk

Diet- vegetarian and alcohol free for 2011

New Years Day 5K!

I jump started 2011 with the annual New Years Day 5K in Fort Collins that is put on by Runners Roost. A cozy 7 degree start warmed the legs of the hearty field which drew just shy of 100 entries on a balmy morn. It was a good opportunity to get a fitness check to build upon. Earlier in the week I also put in a track workout to get a rough estimate of my finishing time. The workout consisted of 4 mile repeats with a 400M recovery jog between intervals. I ran them all between 5:45-5:50 pace.
As the race started I got out a bit too quick hitting the 1st mile in 5:40 ish. The eventual winner (Matt Norton) and I set the pace together for about 2 miles. He slowly but surely put some distance on me during the last mile. He finished the 1/2 dry 1/2 snowpacked course in 18:16 as I came in a few seconds later in 18:22. The 5:55 pace matches up with the track workout given the conditions. It was fun to start the year off with a race! 2011 will also see more structure brought into my training. I've really enjoyed reading Jack Daniels Running Formula and I'll be applying some tempo runs, track work, and strides into my weekly routine. It has been a fresh change of pace and I've actually been looking forward to my "harder" days. Here's to 2011...Happy New Year!


  1. "alcohol free for 2011" Wow! Really? As much as you a-lika-da-brew? I thought about that new years resolution for about 30 seconds... I've given up many things over the years but beer is a staple in my diet. Please send all your beer my way.

    Look forward to seeing you sometime in this new year!

  2. FastEd- it's all about discipline for 2011! it's another layer of intention as to what i'm putting in the body. my last beer of the year was a new belgium frambozen...those raspberries smell wonderful! one is left in the fridge...i gotta get rid of it! when you're in the fort give me a holler- ryanwburch@yahoo.com
    it would be good to get out a few times before states!

  3. Two years ago I gave up all fried foods, last year was meat, this year is not as hard and fast. Just making the migration to more whole foods (fruits, veggies, and whole grains) while minimizing refined/processed foods (HFCS, white rice, white flour, chips, etc..). There's a great book out there called "In Defense of Food" by Pollan. The tag line is Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Gives a lot of hard facts about the Western Diet. Sets the tone for cleaner, healthier living.

    I'll let you know when I'm coming to the Fort, usually 3 or 4 times a month.

  4. I think going alcohol free is a mistake - many a fast ultrarunner consume considerable quantities of brew ;-)

    Welcome back to the front range! We will have to get out for some miles at some point.

    Happy new year to you and Megan.

  5. Thanks for (your own quote) "blowing your wad too soon" this morning and letting me out kick you. Total confidence boost for me for sure, since I never would have seen myself beating you in any race! But I look forward to you totally avenging yourself and kicking my butt pretty hard in Moab. Good chatting/running with you this morning during and after the race!

  6. Pedatella- I hope Salida is in your plans! Will be good to get out with you in 2011!

    Aaron- Give yourself some credit, you ran a smart and effective race...timing your kick properly :) Great to share some post race miles with you, our duel will continue in Moab!

  7. I was running at the track at the same time as you today...I knew I recognized you but didn't remember until I got home...pics on Nick Clark's blog. Funny you are reading Jack Daniel's Running Formula, as I noted you were doing 1,200s which he's a big fan of. I figured you were a JD guy!

    Look forward to seeing you out on the trails or at the track.

  8. Good to see you out there Kyle- hope your workout was solid! JD is one of the first training books I've read and I really like his structure/approach- and it has been thoroughly proven by many awesome runners. Hope to see you out there in the future!