07 February 2011

2011 Montrail Team and Greeley Superbowl 5K

Well it's official! On February 1st Montrail announced its Trail Team for 2011. Check it out here I am thrilled to run for a company that makes great shoes and gear and actively promotes the sport of trail/ultrarunning. It is quite the honor to be recognized doing the thing that brings me to life each day! I had to let it soak in for a week before sharing! I am looking forward to this year of racing more than any other- the drive, focus, and discipline are continuing to build. I am STOKED to make myself a better overall runner- in the mountains and on the road! My mantra for 2011 is: CHOOSE TO IMPROVE! Each day we have that opportunity- go get it!

Yesterday I ran the Superbowl 5K in Greeley. The fitness is coming along. I ran a 17:26, 3 seconds off my PR, two days after running a 27 miler. Really getting excited to race longer in Moab! Below are a few pics of some of the Montrail team from last year: Dakota on his way to a CR at Fruita 50 and Henshaw on his way to a CR at CP50. And some characters from FOCO!


  1. Nice job lowering the 5K time for the year already. It was cool to see your numbers on pushups/pullups etc. It reminded me I'd like to be more diligent about doing those a few days/week. Look forward to racing with you again next week...for the first minute or so before you leave me in the dust.

  2. Ryan -- will you be running that Salida Marathon Nick was talking about? I'm trying to decide if it's worth it -- he certainly seemed to think so :P

  3. I will definitely be at Salida! It's an awesome low-key event that gets solid comp for such a small race- and you won't find a better deal for a trail marathon at $40. i know that Tim Parr and Nick Pedatella will also be running- they don't post the start list so you never know who else will show-also the conditions year to year make it fun- everything from 100% dry to mud, muck, and 2+ feet of snow to posthole...hope to see you out there!