07 October 2012

Bluesky Marathon Homecoming!

Lots to get caught up on. 1st- I've been back in CO for the past three weeks. Got some great perspective at Basic Training. I have put some good thought into my experience and will be dedicating a post to my 10 week adventure at Fort Benning.

2nd- I ran the Bluesky Marathon today and won! I can't tell you how great it feels to be back home and running again. It totally has brought tears to my eyes on many occasions hitting the familiar stomping grounds after work. Trail running is woven into my DNA. After letting it go for 10 weeks it has been incredible to rekindle the simple act of running outside on dirt. So damn good. Bluesky was amazing. I so missed the crisp, brisk, and dry CO air. Feeling it chill my skin this morning refreshed my spirit. I simply ran. It didn't feel like a race. It was a homecoming. It turned out I was in better shape than I thought. At Basic I ran about 80 miles in 10 weeks. I had two long runs of 5 miles on the track. 12 miles was the longest distance I covered on foot. I gained 10 lbs of muscle. Returning home I had three weeks to work with. I got out and ran. The first few runs I felt like a tank. The footwork was slow and heavy on the trail. There was no speedwork or structure to my training. I picked a trail and ran. Almost everyday. Guided by two feet, a happy heart, and lungs full of contentment. It's the simple things. They are good. More to come.


  1. You forgot to mention that you won... Congrats!

  2. A great welcome back, son!

    Wisdom beyond your years, you have (Yoda). The Force is with you.

    As we celebrated your last year at your birthday, now look forward to the next year and the simple things to celebrate in 2013.

  3. Helluva welcome back, we're glad to have you! Congratulations!
    You didn't miss much, you obviously got stronger, we all got weaker and softer. Ha! See you out there!