23 November 2012

Turkey Trottin' 2012

This past Wednesday I flew out to Wisconsin to enjoy Thanksgiving with the Burch clan. While waiting for my flight I bumped into Zeke. Check out his blog and welcome him to the blogosphere! It's always fun to run into friends unexpectedly and catch up a bit before the birds take to the sky.

Thanksgiving morning came and I was already properly stuffed from the previous evenings meal and the wondrous cooking of my Aunt Robin. Needless to say I was well fueled for the ensuing 5 miler. Lasagna and brownies stoked my fire... This was my third running at the 5th Annual Eau Claire, WI Turkey Trot. Two Turkey Days ago I finished second (30:32) on a snowy/icy course in cold and windy conditions. For 2012 I was going for the win!

Unseasonably warm temps brought forth a dry course and a faster field. While packing on Tuesday night I threw in a pair of shorts and a s/s shirt to wear around the house, never anticipating that I might run in them. Maybe I should have taken 20 seconds and checked the weather. But this was late November in Wisconsin. I've experienced near frost-bite winter running here before. My nose, ears, fingers, toes, and other digits can fondly remember the sweet stinging sensation that comes with rewarming.

7:30 AM. The outside thermometer on one of the local banks reads 55 degrees. Twas a scorcher to say the least. Now I felt overdressed in shorts and a tee. After the singing of our National Anthem I looked at the competition and knew I had my work cut out for me. There were a handful of youngsters that fit the part of having been current or post grads from the UWEC x-country team.

After 2 miles I had sweated out my shirt and was running in the 10th spot. The jack rabbits cruised along while I worked on picking off the over zealous starters. With a mile to go 4th place was 30 seconds in front. Crossing the finish I cut the margin to 20 seconds. My 28:34 was nearly a two minute PR on this course from two years ago. Finishing 5th I was the final runner to win a frozen turkey. All finishers received a 5" personal pumpkin pie. It was nearly 60 degrees. Thanksgiving was off to an incredible start.


Here's to a happy and healthy start to your Holiday season.


  1. Congrats on your run! You should bring the turkey back with you to CO...just pack it in your carryon ;-)

    Hope to see you in a few weeks at Clark's FA

  2. ped- wish I could be there at chubby cheeks- it's a Guard weekend for me.

  3. Right on! Lot's of 5's in that story. Way to represent!