26 December 2012

2013 Race Schedule

It will be another condensed year of racing for me with my Guard commitments. Nonetheless, I'm feeling that excitement to train hard and explore different areas of fitness in 2013. As usual I will be running. The past few weeks I've begun to flip the switch from hibernation training to higher volume fun training. This has consisted of back to back 3+ hour weekend runs in Lory/HTMP with lots of vert. The recent snow/ice has commenced "Frisky Summit Season" on Arthur's and H-Tooth. I will also be spending more time in particular on Mill Creek in 2013. This is the 5th (out of 6) climb on the Quad Rock course. It's the crux of the race and kicked my butt last year. I'll be running it from valley floor to beyond Towers (start of Secret Trail) to add a layer of tough to it...and then come all the way back down! I'm looking to find a new friend in the familiarity on this stretch of dirt.

In addition to the running I've been doing my military workouts 3-4 days/week that are: various types of pushups, pullups, tons of core, and other body weight exercises. My goal is to max out my APFT score. This test measures: the amount of pushups in two minutes, the amount of situps in two minutes, and a timed two mile run. A maximum score of 100 points in each event will give you a total score of 300. Currently I've plateaued in the low 280's. I can max the situps and run but need to crank out at least 15 more pushups. This will prevent me from showing up to fire academy with a bird cage up top. I'll be more balanced in my total fitness for 2013. Weight wise I'll be running 5-7 lbs stronger compared to last year. I'm slower on the climbs but am curious to see what the magic number is that retains strength and running performance with the training load I'm on. It's not even 2013 and I've already planned out half of my weekends through May! And that's only with races and Guard weekends on the docket...

February- Moab's Red Hot 55K

March- A Run Through Time Marathon

April- Lake Sonoma 50M

May- Quad Rock 50M

End of May to Mid September- Firefighter Academy in Texas

September- UROC 100K

October through December- ?

Have a Happy New Year! Resolve to be better in at least one way...then do it!


  1. Looking to share some Mill Creek time with you in '13, Burch. Almost time to start getting serious again.

  2. Where is the FF Academy? Some good trails down in Texas!

  3. Clark- The time is now!

    JT- I'll be at Goodfellow AFB- There's a State Park with some trails relatively close

  4. Dear god, that's in the middle of nowhere. Maybe on a long weekend you can get down to Big Bend NP or go tour the Guadalupe Mountains.

  5. Your goal needs to be to learn your MOS and possibly graduate top of your class, not your APFT. The Army's about TEAMWORK.

    1. Thank you for your input. Please come live my life for me as well. You'd make a good dictator. You should move to a third world country and stage a Coup d'├ętat.

    2. Being in the best shape he can be in can only help him in his MOS and in being a team player.

    3. And don't forget to learn the Army song. You can sing it to me at the finish of Quad Rock.

    4. Brownie - I see a bet forming on our next steeple showdown. Something about you singing the AF song to me when I beat you.

  6. Ryan - lets find some weekends this winter/ spring to hit the trails. Would love to reciprocate you hospitality by having you stay in the roaring fork valley with us. Lets do it. Any time. Zeke