03 February 2010

New Beginnings

2010 marks the start of a new decade and many new changes in my life. First, Megan and I moved to Gunnison and finally obtained our goal of getting off the Front Range! Second, after returning from our extended honeymoon in NZ I acquired the injury bug upon my return to running. It has been a frustrating opening to 2010 to say the least. Achilles tendonitis has reared its ugly head; I managed to eek out 87 miles for January with close to 20 days of no running whatsoever. My goal is to begin the racing season healthy at the Fruita 50M. Since I began running ultras in 2006 this has been the first significant hiccup in my training. I feel blessed that this is the "worst" I've dealt with. It is ironic though that this injury came about after my 6 week break from running and not during a high volume training period...se la vi... Third, I started a running blog. So here's to Doug N, Bryan G, and everyone else who I told that I would never start blogging...this is dedicated to you!


  1. Welcome aboard. Sorry to hear the achilles is still giving you grief. Can sympathize fully - going through some lower-leg stuff myself. Probably not going to make Moab, so have fun out there supporting Meagan.

    Bryan'll be blogging before we know it, oh, and don't knock the Front Range buddy - dirt 365 (ish).

  2. Burch,

    Bro, we are jazzed about your new blog! I hope that we can keep in touch more this next season.

    Praying that you heal quickly!

    mucho love!

  3. Ryan, looking forward to checking out the blog, so keep it up! Had a good time meeting you and Megan briefly after Silver Rush last year (you were rested and refreshed as the hail started coming) -- glad you had fun adventures in NZ! Keep it smart and gradual as you recover. Hope to see you again up in the Fort, or Salida next month perhaps? Cheers and best of luck in Gunny! Do you need a health achilles to ski (x-country if not downhill) up in CB?

  4. hey mike,
    good to hear from you. i'm about 90% sure i'll give salida a run. i've telemarked once and felt the achilles so i've been just running and trying not to overdo it. hope to see you in salida!