22 February 2010

Running with the Champs...Untethered

Photo: Rob O'Dea

The picture above from the LT 100 start line in August ironically foreshadowed my current running situation here in February. It has been a fun ride training with Duncan and Tim these past few weeks. It still boggles my mind when I think of the talent I get to train with in a 3 mile radius from my front door. If I run east Duncan's home is less than a half mile warm-up. If I head west Tim's place is an easy 2.5 miles. I've always been thankful in the places I've lived and the training partners I've had that make the runs SO MUCH MORE FUN! Fort Collins was superb with Clark, Goding, and Hanson. Greeley was sweet with Doug Bell and the rest of the interval crew. Now it is surreal. The proximity alone is crazy to ponder. The positivity from these two has inspired me to go after the dream more intensely. I'm hoping we can align our schedules at least once this year and go for an all Gunnison podium sweep. To say the least, the last 8 days have been wonderful! The achilles issue subsided early last week and I've been excitedly running pain free for the first time in a few months. I've got my first solid block of training in:

2/14: 18 w/ Parr
2/15-2/19: 5 summits of Signal Peak, various routes, 2 with DC, 1 with Parr
2/20: 20 w/Parr
2/21: 13
Total: 8 days, 115 miles
Today: ? w/ Parr

The body has been responding awesome. I often joke that my only 100 mile weeks come when I run a 100 mile race. I look forward to 2010 and listening to the body as it handles a larger workload of 70-100 miles a week. One of my mantra's for this new year is...At least 10 a day for 2010. Simple and straightforward. My training has been building up to this over the past few years. Compared to the guys at the top I've been an ultra slacker when it comes to mileage :) Last year I was just shy of 2500 for the year with almost no running in November and December. I still feel like my best running is yet to come and I'm optimistic in the process and progression as another "experiment of one."

2010 Proposed Schedule

March: Salida 26.2
March: Antelope Island 50M (currently on the fence)
April: Fruita 50M
May: Collegiate Peaks 50M (Fruita recovery dependent)
May: Jemez 50M
June: Lake City 50M
July: TBD- North Fork 50M and Speedgoat 50K or Grand Mesa 50 or 100
Aug: Pikes Peak 26.2
Sept: Breck Crest? Imogene?
Sept. Steamboat 50M
Oct.-Dec: TBD

Another day at the office


  1. Wow, good stuff in there Ryan. Couple of things:

    1. No cherrypicking for that Gunni sweep attempt.

    2. Our paths are going to cross many times this year, which will be interesting given our recent racing history. Antelope Island is sold out, but if you decide you want to run I may be able to help with that. I'm running the 50k. I see at least six races from your schedule where we'll be lining up against each other. We really should formalize a five-race series with dinner or something bought by the loser.

    3. Scott Jaime has ducked out of Fruita, deciding to dodge the competition by heading to AZ for Zane Gray. Still, should be a good race with you, me and Duncan currently signed on. AK was a late entry last year, so chances are decent that he could show up again this year.

    4. Speedgoat in July.

    5. Glad to see you lining up for Pikes. We're both strong on the downs, so could be a barnstormer.

    5. 100 mile weeks. Dang, now you've got me inspired to get out and find some miles this afternoon. The serious business starts now.

    Guess we can discuss in Salida. See you there

  2. Ryan - glad to hear you are enjoying Gunnison...I would say you could run under 6:30 at antelope island.

    Nick - I'm not as fast as Scott but I'm likely going to Fruita and will try to at least keep things interesting :)

    Nick P

    p.s. Any interest in making a return trip to the San Juans in early July? Perhaps 9-10?

  3. Great to hear from the Front Range crew!
    Clark- I'll give you a call so we can talk "business" :)
    Pedatella-Looking to do some recon work in the San Juans? I'm 50/50 right now- don't know what i want for july yet. We'll talk at Salida!

  4. Nice picture! Looks like you're adjusting to Gunny weather! I can never catch DC fast enough ... before the ice melts off his face ... I know DC misses the runs up signal!


  5. You and Dad and the ice beards! Brings back memories of walking to school in Eau Claire with your Dad.

    You should be off to a great running year.

    We won't be able to see you in Salida but may try to catch (wrong word) see you in Fruita when it's warm.
    From: MOM