03 March 2010


A few weeks ago my friend from across the pond thought that him and I should add a little spice to our 2010 races by instituting our own race series. In an attempt to fuel his ultra competitive spirit I humorously agreed. Ladies and gentlemen I would now like to present the 2010 Tale of the Tape Race Series: FLYIN' RYAN B VS. NICK THE QUICK C

The Challenger

Spotlight on Nick the Quick C

Height: 5'9''
Weight: 140-150
Age: 35
Birthplace: Canterbury, United Kingdom
Bicep Circumference: Large
Shoe Size: 9.5
Preferred Shoe: Pearl Izumi Peak XC
Running Strength: And I quote, "Leaving Burch in my dust!"
In his corner: Dazzling Dana and Muhammad Ali-stair


26.2- 2:43 (Dublin, 09)
50K- 6:02 (HMI, 07)
50M- 7:03 (CP, 09)
100M- 21:30 (Bighorn, 09)

The Champ

Spotlight on Flyin' Ryan B

Height: 5'8''
Weight: 145
Age: 30
Birthplace: Colorado Springs, CO USA
Bicep Circumference: 13'' (Larger than Nick's)
Shoe Size: 10
Preferred Shoe: Brooks Cascadia
Running Strength: Technical downhill
In his corner: Merciless Megan and Studley Dudley


26.2- 2:44 (Colorado, 09)
50K- 4:05 (Bluesky, 09)
50M- 7:00 (Silver Rush, 09)
100M- 20:51 (LT, 09)

Now for our racing history...

2007 Leadville 26.2- Nick=4:16, Ryan=4:31, Margin of victory=Nick+15 min.
Ryan's Excuse: "We didn't even know each other then!"

2008 Steamboat 50- Ryan=8:31, Nick=8:42, Margin of victory=Ryan+11 min.
Nick's Excuse: "It was my first 50 miler!"

2008 Bluesky 26.2- Ryan=3:30, Nick=3:47, Margin of victory=Ryan+17 min.
Nick's Excuse: "I was still recovering from the Steamboat 50!"

2009 Salida 26.2- Ryan=3:11, Nick=3:24, Margin of victory=Ryan+13 min.
Nick's Excuse: "I slept in my car and froze all night, the body finally warmed up after I finished!"

2009 Pilot Hill 25K Classic- Nick=1:45, Ryan=1:47, Margin of victory=Nick+2 min.
Ryan's Excuse: "I decided to do this race less than 24 hours before it started, and it was so short!

Totals: Ryan=3 wins, Nick=2 wins. Total Margin of Victory (all races combined)- Ryan=+24 min.

Now for the 2010 Head to Head Schedule...

1. Salida 26.2
2. Fruita 50M
3. Jemez 50M
4. *Speedgoat 50K- Ryan still needs to figure out his July race schedule*
5. Pikes Peak 26.2

The winner of the Tale of the Tape 2010 Race Series will receive an all expense paid dinner for him and his spouse graciously paid by the runner-up. In the event that Ryan does not run Speedgoat and there is a 2-2 tie the winner will be crowned following the next head to head race.

And now America, cast your vote by typing "1" for Ryan or "2" for Nick at either Ryan's or Nick's blog: http:www.irunmountains.blogspot.com

Let the games (and talk) begin!

Studley Dudley the English Bulldog


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  2. Voting for Ryan as competition pushes his positive results. He is the Champ.

  3. Burch - I have to qualify that sad looking 50k PR: Only 50k I've ever run and I was way off course early in the race and then bonked hard around Turquoise Lake. 50k PR will be rectified on Antelope Island at the end of the month. Oh, and I vote for Nick.

    See you in Salida where I'm sure we'll both be schooled by Mr. Parr.

  4. I think the tie breaker should be a race down something like Long's Peak. That would make things pretty interesting.

    It is a bit tough to call on the head-to-head but based on history plus the fact that he is now running real miles I will go with Ryan.

    By the way, I can't help but notice that you guys both have pretty weak PR's...

  5. Since Studley Dudley is in Ryan's corner, I'll have to go with Ryan all the way! Whoo Hoo!

  6. Go bro! An inspiration to all...you too Meg:) You too Dudley!!!

  7. Just make sure you and Nick wage a very slow, tactical race at Salida. I need to win my 12 pack from him.

  8. Hopefully both you and Nick have a successful race at Salida after the injury issues you've both had. Looking forward to getting down there this next weekend! Good luck!