20 March 2010

Grand Mesa 100!

After a few weeks of going back and forth on what July race(s) to run I've finally come to a decision. Many of you won't believe it but I am once again going to run a 100 miler. I am getting psyched to run the 1st Annual Grand Mesa 100 out of Cedaredge, CO. What prompted me to go for this race: 1. The course is 76.5 miles of trail, 20 miles of FS Road, and a scant 3.5 of pavement. 2. I have yet to explore this area of CO up close and personal- I am excited to run all around the Grand Mesa!
3. The average elevation of the course is 9,200 ft. with roughly 85% being above 10K and a high pt. of 11,200. 4. Compared to Hard Rock or Leadville this can be the course you can set a PR on a challenging CO mountainous 100 Miler. 5. 14 Aid Stations
6. Complimenting the 100 miler are the 50 and 37 mile options. Great for friends and family who want to join in on the festivities! 7. The race is held July 24-25, a beautiful time in the CO mtns. 8. Generous 33 hour cutoff. 9. As a grassroots race the early entry costs only $120.00! Only $150. after April 10th- it would be hard to find a better deal for 100 miles. 10. A new course=running blind-always great to run brand new terrain! So, if you still need to plan out July races- give this one a go!

In other news...Next Saturday I'm heading out to Utah for the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50 Miler. This will be a new 50 for me. One of the goals is to set a new 50 mile PR and go for Pedatella's CR. Look for Scott Jaime and Erik Storheim to be running up front-should be a good one, it will signal the beginning of many 50 milers for me in the next 3 months...On your mark...get set...go!


  1. That's what I like to hear! Let me know if you need/want some help in terms of crew/pacer...

    Good luck next weekend

  2. Ryan- just found your blog from a link on Scott Jaime's blog. Caught my eye because I'm running Buffalo Run 25k this weekend, and am also planning on either Grand Mesa 50 or 100. My grandparents live in Cedaredge, so that's how I heard about it. Maybe I'll run into you at one of these races.

  3. Still bumming about the Leadville 100...are you not running it because of the terrorist? :) Well, we'll be in if we're still in Co!!!

  4. Congrats on the win!!! Glad someone finished. My friends and I did not:


    Awesome job on sticking it out on a truly epic course.