08 March 2010

Ode to Salida

Alright ladies and gents, the 5th Annual Run Through Time Marathon is this Saturday! This is also my 5th year at this race. I have some Salida ties and it has become a tradition with the run and celebrating St. Patty's Day with fam and friends. Let's take a quick look at who will be charging for a podium spot:

Tim Parr- last year's champ, 'nuf said.
Me- last year's runner up and '08 champ in the snow when Tim, Duncan, and Pedatella missed the crucial turn...I broke trail and left half the blood from my shins in the crusty snow so everyone else would know where to go...
Nick the Quick Clark- bronze medal last year, looking to improve so the smack talk can begin :)
Nick the Genius Pedatella- 4th last year, consistent, watch for a late surge!
Marco Peinado- the darkhorse this year. Met him after a debut bronze at the Steamboat 50- he may thrive on the shorter distance, I think he ran at Metro State.
Doug C. Newton- his downhill is improving, look out for him if there is mega snow/slop conditions!
Since there is no runners list- this is what I could compile from out in computer land. Hopefully there will be some surprise entries that spice it up!

In the half: A shout out to the ladies- watch out for Carly, Kir, and Meg as the trifecta are working together for Carly's first half! Jeremy R is using the half as a tune up before the Grand Traverse! Let's get it done!!!


  1. Check out the website. They have conditions and some pics as of 3/6 posted. There has at least been a vehicle up the jeep road, so it won't be a posthole fest, but it could very well be slick. No CRs this year.

  2. Maybe you should wear tights this year??

  3. In my quest to come across an entrants list I got to see the condition pics! Could be a luge from 19-23! And I'll probably sport the shorts...one thing I have learned over the years...sometimes I have to repeat a mistake multiple times before I change and don the tights! Besides, it's time for the pasty whites to get some rays...first sun they'll see this decade!

  4. mistakes like no gear going across the divide in the SJ50!! I plan on making that mistake again this year as well - DCN