20 June 2011

From the archives...

Just been looking through old pics. The characters above will be representing Fort Collins, CO this Saturday! Getting excited and looking forward to running 100 miles, sitting for over 30 hours in the car, and bringing some great memories home with me.

In case you haven't seen the odds
Soon enough...Time to pack!


  1. Good luck, Ryan. I happened to be reading some Grand Mesa race reports from last year- when times get tough, just remember how much easier this race is. Have fun.

  2. Thanks Jon, 15 miles of snow running on Sat. though!

  3. good luck ryan -- i have a lot of faith in the FoCo contingent. you and nick both have been running incredibly strong -- can't wait to follow the progress this weekend :)

  4. Run steady, run strong, son. We will follow the FoCo runners from here.
    Grandma Berry will toast you with a glass of chocolate milk (June is dairy month in Wi. and she will be at a dairy breakfast on race morning).
    Enjoy the running time, be happy, feel the love.

  5. Dude, you're from Colorado. You were born to run on snow...

  6. Ryan, have a great race on Saturday. We're all cheering for you here in Fort Collins.