13 June 2011

Got Salt?

Pic: The aftermath of electrolyte residue after 3 hours in the low 80's

The heat training is on! I'm not one to don extra layers when the mercury is high to accomplish this- my internal furnace starts to go crazy even on extended runs in the mid 70's! A few people have asked me what I'm doing to prepare for the nauseating waves of heat I'll encounter at WS. Answer: Run after work when it's hot instead of before work when it is cool. That seems simple enough...except for the fact the WS temps could be 20-30 (gasp) degrees hotter than FoCo heat. This past weekend I got out on some hilly runs around noon to capitalize on the warmth. Mission accomplished!

I'm also happy to report that I emerged from the exhaustion cave. After Pocatello I was REALLY tired and fatigued. It was a week of intuitive training- I would run until tired...and most of these runs I felt tired in the first few blocks! I logged 35 miles for the week with a long run of 6.6! Last week started out the same way Monday through Wednesday. Then Wow! Thursday I felt normal, Friday I felt normal and then Saturday I was tired and heavy legged but got in my longest run since Pocatello. Sunday I felt like a runner again. This was very encouraging to say the least! The body is a mystery at times. 12 more days to get spry!

Last, a big shout out to Dylan Bowman for his win at the San Diego 100! Always good to see Colorado runners makin' waves in Cali! Looking forward to toeing the line with him, Callahan, Parr, and 800 others at Leadvegas this year.


  1. Burch, It's great to hear that you're no longer exhausted. You'll be itching to run by the middle of next week!

    See you in Squaw.

  2. Glad that you are feeling better, and hopefully running well now! Hopefully all the pieces come together and you put in a strong run at WS.

    Not sure when you are headed to Squaw, but sure I will see you out there.

  3. b powell- glad you said "yes" to states!

    pedatella- it will be good to see you in person this year...who would have thought it would be in CA...

  4. Thanks Burch! So happy. Report went up today. Go get em in Squaw. I'll be rooting for you.