08 July 2010

Quick update...

Heading out to Hardrock tomorrow with Senor Clark to pace Pedatella! I'm definitely excited to return and see more of the course that I missed out on from last year. 100 milers are Pedatellas best distance...keep an eye on him! I'm pacing from Ouray to Sherman and then Clark takes him home!

Next week I'll get my act together and post stories from SJS and Pbville Marathon...takes a little extra with no ISP!

Getting pumped for the 1st Annual Grand Mesa 100 on July 24! Hoping to finish somewhere in the teens...could be 19...some friends think 16...100's are still a mystery to me but the pieces are coming together with each one I do. The mindset is great...I am pumped to run 100! Last year was a different story...Grand Mesa is 76% singletrack and it will be all new terrain for me in an area of the state that I have yet to explore. Here's to new adventures!