12 January 2013

A Look Back at the Year that Was

The daily log has been tallied. Here's the overview from 2012.

January- 310.6 miles, 2 days off, 10.0 daily avg.
February- 252.7 miles, 3 days off, 8.7 daily avg.
March- 328.2 miles, 3 days off, 10.6 daily avg.
1st Q- 891.5 miles, 8 days off, 9.8 daily avg
Races: New Year's Day 5K, Superbowl 5K

April- 316.4 miles, 3 days off, 10.5 daily avg
May- 260.1 miles, 4 days off, 8.4 daily avg
June- 263.5 miles, 9 days off, 8.8 daily avg
2nd Q- 840 miles, 16 days off, 9.2 daily avg
Races: Cheyenne Mtn 50K, Quad Rock 50M, Dirty Thirty 50K, Western States 100M

July- Basic Training
August- Basic Training
September- 151.2 miles, 3 days off, 9.4 daily avg.
* Return to regular running 09/15 after Basic Training*
3rd Q- 151.2 miles, 3 days off, 9.4 daily avg.
Races: None

October- 292.8 miles, 2 days off, 9.4 daily avg.
November- 258.1 miles, 2 days off, 8.6 daily avg.
December- 317.3 miles, 5 days off, 10.2 daily avg.
4th Q- 868.2 miles, 9 days off, 9.4 daily avg.
Races: Bluesky 26.2, Heart Center 13.1, Turkey Trot 5M

Totals- 2750.9 miles, 436:46 time running, 36 days off (not counting BT), 9 races, 3 wins, 6 podiums, 262.5 race miles, $643. in race entries

Local Summits-
Horsetooth Rock- 28
Arthur's Rock- 17
Towers Time Trial- 15
Round Mountain- 4
Crosier Mountain- 2
Bobcat Peak aka Mahoney Mountain- 2
Grey Rock- 1
Alexander- 1

Boulder/Golden Area Summits-
Bear Peak- 2
Green Mountain- 2
2nd Flatiron- 1
Windy Peak- 1

Estes Park Area Summits-
McGregor Mountain- 1
Dark Mountain- 1
The Needles- 1

14er Summits-

Memorable and Meaningful Moments-

03/22/2012- My first sub 30 on Towers!

05/12/2012- Quad Rock. Outstanding inaugural race in the backyard. Awesome friends, good food, decent fire.

06/23/2012- Not my best day...but awesome to finish WS with the incredible support of my fam and Meissner. Definitely a day to remember.

Basic Training- 5 mile "long" runs on the track. Obstacle courses. Mud. Awesome.

09/16/2012- My first run returning from Basic Training. Indian Peaks Wilderness. Devils Thumb Loop. 16 miles. Home in CO once again...above treeline! I ran in my clunky Asics from BT sporting mid calf length white cotton socks...amazing tan line.

09/22/2012- Indian Peaks. St. Vrain Glacier Trail. Continued post BT runners high. Running up to a high alpine lake. Taking a swim. Rewarming and soaking in the sunshine on a huge flat rock. This one spoke to me.

10/07/2012- My return to racing at the Bluesky Marathon. All smiles on this one. Two days after my B-Day. Hometown trails. Lots to celebrate.

12/01-02/2012- Two consecutive shirtless running days in DECEMBER!

In other news...Registration has opened for Salida You can't beat running a great dirt marathon for $50. that includes a shirt and meal.

Longest run of 2013 today! Out with Hanson and Clark for 21. Ringing the Rocks in the New Year at Lory/HTMP. Cold. Fun. Beardsicles. Earcicles.