29 January 2012


C- Contemplate life. Concentrate on the present.
H- Happiness. Humility.
A- Answers. Adjustment. Alertness.
N- New life.
G- Gratitude. Grace.
E- Energy.

2012 is the year of change for me. Currently I am going through some significant changes in my life. The joy of running has given me ample time and thought to digest my situation and gain some clarity.

Life had become mundane. On its most basic level: eat, sleep, work, run, be with people. I needed more. I needed to get out of my comfort zone and routine. I needed to learn and try new things. I needed to lose myself in order to find more.

Two weeks ago I joined the National Guard. A choice that will guide me for the next eight years. Many friends and family have asked, "Why?" In no specific order I answer: to serve my country/community, to be part of a team, to experience a different culture, to learn a new trade, to honor my grandparents and other relatives that have served, to find new purpose, to earn extra income, and to improve the number of push-ups I can do.

In July I ship out to basic training for 10 weeks. Originally I had planned on running Salida and Zane Grey before Western States. With the change came another change; my race schedule. With various weekend trainings before BT I am looking at Cheyenne Mtn 50K and Quad Rock 50M. States will be a race to celebrate; marking the transition into a new phase of life. After boot camp and once I get some miles under my belt I want to jump into 1-2 more races before years end.

I have been grateful for the support from family, friends, and the folks at Montrail and Mountain Hardwear during this time of shaking things up! With all the change running has been great to process and stabilize each day. When the voice of change began to whisper, three things I learned: Answer it. Let go. Move forward.

01 January 2012

2011 Review, Genesis 2012

Welcome to 2012. A New Year, a new beginning. Here's what my last year of running consisted of:

Miles: 3386.5 Per week: 65.1 Per day: 9.27 Per run: 11.1
Time: 525:40 Per day: 1.4 Per run: 1.7
304 days of running, 61 days off

Jan: 411.3 mi, 0 days off. Feb: 319.4 mi, 0 days off. Mar: 337.1 mi, 3 days off. Q1: 1067.8 mi, 3 days off
Notes: Ran half of my races for 2011 in the first 3 months of the year- 4 5K's, 1 4M, 1 10K, 1 50K+
Motivation for running was at an all time high. I started running with the Montrail Team. I was unemployed at the time which led to running during the best times of the day on my favorite trails for however long I wanted to go. As cool as it sounds it is not sustainable and was a stressful time during the job search. Running was an outlet and stress relief. I must have been REALLY stressed in January; I raced 4 times and ran the most miles I ever have in a month. Megan and I moved back to Fort Collins from Gunnison to add to the many changes kicking off 2011.

Apr: 347.6 mi, 2 days off. May: 327.2 mi, 4 days off. Jun: 239.2 mi, 7 days off. Q2: 914 mi, 13 days off
Notes: I ran great at American River and awesome at Collegiate Peaks. Coincidentally, I peaked at CP. I have never run with such rhythm and ease during a race like I did at CP. Going into Pocatello I was fried and fatigued and ground out a finish. I tried to rest and recover as best I could before States. I was having an ok race when the unexpected led to a DNF. The short of it: poison oak/ivy won round 1 by KO. Humility before honor.

Jul: 274 mi, 4 days off. Aug: 293 mi, 9 days off. Sep: 96.2 mi, 21 days off. Q3: 663.2 mi, 34 days off
Notes: July and August were my favorite months of running. I got back to my roots and what brought me to this sport in the first place; running high peaks with friends. Loved it. These outings led to and inspired me to run Longs as fast as I could. Leadville was my redemption race for the year. I got the 100 mile monkey off my back and didn't come completely unglued during the last 30 miles. Steamboat was run on grit. I was beat up going in and beat down after. More than half of September's mileage was run through the toughest conditions I've ever raced in; thanks for the company Geoff.

Oct: 213.3 mi, 4 days off. Nov: 275.3 mi, 2 days off. Dec: 252.9 mi, 5 days off. Q4: 741.5 mi, 11 days off
Notes: Worked out most of the accumulated Old Man issues after a long season of fun running and racing. Great company and culminating long run at Chubby Cheeks. Tuesday night track and tempeh sessions begin alongside Thursday night tempeh and non Towers weeks.

Races: 14. 1 win. 1 CR. 7 podiums. 455 race miles. $1031.25 in entry fees.

Peaks: FC Area- Round Mtn: 4, Crosier Mtn: 2, Grey Rock: 2, Horsetooth: 9, Arthur's Rock: 27, Towers Rd: 11
RMNP- Longs: 2, Alice, Chiefs Head, McHenry's
Indian Peaks/Boulder- Sanitas, Sawtooth, Algonquin, Buchanan, Audubon: 2, Notabon, Pawnee, Toll, Paiute
Other 13ers- Matterhorn, Mascot, West Elk Peak Almost- Point 12,964
Other 14ers- Redcloud, Sunshine, Handies, Wetterhorn, Uncompahgre, Yale

Strength: 6,830 Pushups. 14,420 Crunches/Core. 2066 Pullups.

2012 News: Ran the New Year's Day 5K in 17:25 taking home the Bronze. Felt good to dust off the 5K legs. Not bad for January. Michael Jackson took the Gold with Towers Sam Malmberg earning Silver even after racing New Year's Eve as well!

Last but not least: Many people had a good chuckle when I told them my New Year's Resolution was to START drinking. Well it is official. I am fully resolved for 2012. After 367 days I tasted that sweet nectar once again. Once the track workout was complete Brian, Grant, and I toasted with a Longs Peak Raspberry Wheat. Here's to a happy and healthy New Year!