25 July 2011

Three Days of Peaks and Pics

Wetterhorn Summit: Drum, Newton, Parr, Burch

Matterhorn (foreground) Wetterhorn (background)

Uncompahgre Summit, Matterhorn and Wetterhorn behind Scott

Doug and Timmy (Uncompahgre background)

Herd of elk just below Storm Pass and the Baldys.

The Castles, photo from summit of West Elk Peak

RB & DC: Summit 12,964, Storm Pass below

DC & RB pointing to West Elk Peak

Drum signing West Elk Peak Summit Log. We were only the 3rd party to sign the log in 2011. Remote peaks.

Lately I've been ecstatic to run 3-4 MPH. This type of terrain has brought me back to my roots as of late. A few weeks ago I paced Doug at Hardrock. The time spent with him from Ouray to Telluride was the best day of running I've had all year. It rekindled my spirit for adventure running and exploring some of the most beautiful mountains on earth. Crossing the snowfields and ascending Virginius Pass flooded me with all the reasons why I run: mountains, adventure, beauty, friendship, exploration, perspective, and so much more! Needless to say it has been refreshing to get up some new and old peaks with friends of a like mind. All I want to do is run/hike up big mountains and link up summits via alpine ridges. Last Thurs, Fri, and Sat jumpstarted my soul.

Thursday: solo.
1. Redcloud- 1:16
2. Sunshine- 1:38
Back at Car- 2:45 (fill bottles)
3. Handies- 4:08
Back at Car- 4:52 + 4 min to make it an even 20M for the day
8350 ft. climbing, almost 15:00/mile

Friday: w/ Doug, Scott, Tim
1. Wetterhorn- 1:23
2. Matterhorn- 2:18
3. Uncompahgre- 3:47
Back at Car- 5:03, 18.2M
7000 ft. climbing, 16:40/mile

Saturday: w/ Scott and Duncan
1. Summit 12,964- 2:32
2. West Elk Peak- 2:47
Back at Car- 6:13, 27.2M, long way back loop with some cross country travel
5500 ft climbing, 13:45/mile

*Note- times listed represent time running/hiking. Watch was stopped anywhere b/t 5-15 min. on each summit.*