23 August 2010

Time off... and CONGRATS!

Currently I've been taking some time off. I've been dealing with a left knee issue that has been plaguing me at different pain amounts since the Leadville marathon. It was low enough pain to pace at Hardrock and have a decent performance at Grand Mesa. Since the 100 I've ran 6-7 times topping out with a 12 miler. I've been compensating with my right leg and can definitely feel the herky jerky imbalance. Thankfully I can bike and hike (mostly pain free) so Meg and I have been ticking off more 14ers together which has been a fun substitute to inspire me when I'm in the non-running phase. Obviously I was in no place to race at Pikes Peak which was a huge bummer as I was excited to let it fly downhill for 13 miles...downhill hurts the most right now!

With the weekend open Meg and I climbed San Luis peak and then drove to Leadville to watch and encourage our friends who were racing. It was a blast to watch the race unfold over the last 30 miles.

HUGE CONGRATS to Duncan Callahan! He continued the Gunnison winning streak over the past 3 years at Leadville and had a PR to boot! At Mayqueen he had the most intense game face on ever- it was epic! Well deserved- he puts in the time and miles as well as anyone.

HUGE CONGRATS to Dylan Bowman! He showed up to his first 100 miler and killed it! Awesome job! Watch out for him as he is a young gun that has been improving with each race. Look for him next at the Steamboat 50.

HUGE CONGRATS to one of my best friends Doug Newton who had a huge 2 hour PR! This came after he was one of the few inaugural finishers at the epic Swan Crest 100 only 3 weeks ago! Great job homey!

With that said I'm really hoping to be healthy for Steamboat. I simply want to be at the start line not thinking about my knee. It is shaping up to be quite the race with Roes, Bowman, Fanselow, and others getting in the mix! Keep on keepin' on....


  1. Bummer about your knee man, LT was epic, hope the knee comes around for Steamboat, it's gonna be awesome.

  2. Thanks for the love Burch. I knew there had to be something wrong when I saw you at Mayqueen and then didn't see you on the PPM results list. I hope it heals up fast.

    As for me, I think RRR50 is gonna be a game time decision based on how I'm feeling. A little non-injury time off sounds good to me right now.

    Who am I kidding? I'm already anxious to get after it again!! See you in Steamboat (probably).

  3. Good luck in your recovery Ryan. Steamboat will be my first 50 miler. I hope you're feeling better by then, injuries are a bummer.