13 February 2011

Final race before fun on the Slickrock!

This Saturday I put in one final short race tune-up before the Dance on the Slickrock in Moab! I drove to Loveland for the Sweetheart Classic 4M. Michael Chavez and Jordan Wilson both of FOCO sped away from the field. Spots 3-6 were much closer together. The race started out with a predominantly downhill first mile aided by a tailwind. I hit this split at 5:30 in 6th place way too easy- the tailwind was launching us down the hill probably in the 15-20 MPH range. Miles 2-4 we encountered the uphills and the now 15-20 MPH HEADWIND. This slowed everyone down and the splits looked like we were all running disastrous races. As usual I started catching up to the second pack of runners as the finish came near. At 3.5 I reeled in Jerry Rief on the last significant uphill that we flew down to start the race initially. This pass was brief as he had some reserve in the tank and then did a slingshot to pass me. Shortly thereafter Jerry and then myself passed a fading Mark Hussey. With less than a 1/4 mile to go I dug in to try to launch a counterattack on Jerry, however he responded beautifully and cruised into the finish 5 ticks faster than me. Another solid effort on a blustery, "hilly" course.

Splits: 1-5:30, 2-5:41, 3-6:04, 4-5:55 = 23:10 RESULTS HERE

Finally, the ultra season will debut for me and many others this weekend at Moab's Red Hot 50K+ I'm really looking forward to a longer race on some fun trails. It will be a fast year. I'm predicting a new CR and the potential for 5 guys to go sub 4:10. Here's a few to put money on in no particular order: Jones, Parr, Callahan, Bowman, Torrance, Stevenson, Kennard, and more! Last year Callahan, Parr, and myself wanted to do a race together and sweep it 1-2-3 Gunnison. Our schedules never aligned to get all of us at the same race; until now...and the fact that Gunni is no longer mi casa. However, it could go 1-2-3 FOCO...you never know! So for drama and something to talk about I'm calling this race the Gunnison Wrecking Crew vs. The FOCO Fast and Furious! Bring the A game and heed the challenge!!! It will be EPIC!!! The pressure is on!!!

On a personal note, I need to settle the score with Kennard after his smooth stride slid by me in the Quicker Quaker! Rumor has it he's been cruising by Tony in training! He's the Dark Horse to watch! I need some redemption!!! Round 2 awaits...!


  1. Go whip Aaron for me! (of course, I'm telling him the same thing) And have fun, of course.

  2. Good luck on the slickrock! I give you and a few others the edge from course knowledge...not too easy to follow those trails ;)

  3. Ha ha ha! I like it. Two observations though 1) I definitely don't belong on that list (yet) but 2) You better run like you stole something those last 5 miles because 4:10/mile pace felt way too easy on my strides this morning ;)

  4. Oh yeah, and observation 3) Dang! You are a racing machine this year! 6 races in 6 weeks with the 7th on its way...nice.

  5. jon- fun definitely will be had!
    pedatella- salida is shaping up nicely...
    kennard- you're on the list 'cuz you've been killin' it as of late- i thought that was you pacing for Lagat last weekend. i'm no thief but i am sneaking in one more track session today to make sure i hit 4 flat pace...and it's easy to race weekly when the track workouts contain more fast mileage than the race distances...