05 February 2012

Superbowl Sprint

I got out today for my 3rd running at the Greeley Superbowl 5K. This is a local classic for a number of reasons: 1. The race starts and finishes at Bells Running, the hub of the Greeley running community. 2. The race benefits my alma-mater, Greeley Central High School and its XC Team. 3. Age group winners receive pies or a dozen cookies which can be brought to the Superbowl party you are attending in the afternoon. 4. A stroll down memory lane- The course winds through the neighborhoods and houses I used to tee-pee late at night as a boy. 5. The ageless wonder Doug Bell. At 61 he beats most men half his age. Case in point- turn back the clock 3 years ago to this race. I ran 17:23. Doug ran 17:10. Enough said. Always good to spend some time and catch up with the legend.

Coming into this years race I was thinking I'd finish with a PR. My once a week track workouts with Stefanovic and the occasional Ruehle have kept me honest. The extrinsic motivation of two tempeh burgers awaiting me after these circle sessions sealed the deal! My first two runnings at the GSB 5K were consistent. At my first 5K ever in 2009 I ran 17:23. Two years older I came back and ran a slightly slower 17:26. This year I got it done and escaped the 17:20's by running a 17:17. A new 5K PR at 32 years young! That sub 17 minute goal is still in my mind. I would definitely need to get some specificity to hit that...the love of the trails seems to kick that goal to the curb a bit.

The race was very spread out. Each of the top three finishers ran in no man's land all day; nobody close to push or pull you along. The winner was a Windsor HS runner in 16:40. I earned the silver and Doug picked up the bronze in 18:23. Four peanut butter cookies later I was at my parents house. Now it's time to watch the Olympics of Advertising...along with some football.


  1. It DRIVES ME CRAZY that Doug Bell is that good at that age. 61!!

  2. He is a great case study for consistency and hard work. He has a quote that I'll butcher a bit, "If you want to run fast, do just that, run fast!" He's been doing interval workouts consistently for decades.